2006-10-08 – Chargers/Steelers Game

Well, one of my best buddies is a huge Steelers fan, and bought tickets to the Sunday 10/08/2006 Chargers game. We didn’t have tickets, but since we’re local, we figured we’d hang out in the parking lot to tailgate and see what goes on. Being the way I am, just being in the parking lot before the game wasn’t good enough. We wanted to be in the parking lot DURING the game! That’s where my inverter and DirecTV box comes into play! NFL Sunday Ticket and all, we were ready to watch all the day’s games, and stick around for the main event! Steelers fans were EVERYWHERE! We had fun, the Chargers won, and we got tons of compliments and even met a few people!

Here is a link to Syd’s pictures!

We started off the day filling up, because we weren’t sure if the inverter powering the TV and satellite box would drain the battery a ton, and leave us stranded…

Fill up!

When we arrived, we found a spot quickly to begin setting up! In no time we had satellite TV, grille going, and beer in hand!

Camp Camp Camp

Once we were setup, Lou started playing with himself… Don’t ask why, because I don’t know why! (Actually, he had some stain on his shorts he was trying to take care of… but that doesn’t sound as funny)!

Lou playing...

Here’s what powered our fun! My 800 watt continuous, 1600 watt peak inverter! This thing made our Jimmy Buffett experience fun as well, as this is the guy that powered the blender to mix our margaritas. Maybe the blender will make another road-trip on the 26th of Oct!!! (Jimmy Buffett’s going to be in Chula Vista!)


We found our doubles! Not only were they watching DirecTV, but they were in a Jeep, were using a similar inverter, and were Chargers fans! To top it off, they EVEN have a Fire & Ice like ours!

We weren’t alone!

One of the craziest things were the number of Steelers fans in California! Tons of them we talked to actually flew in just for the game, others have family back east, or whatever their story, there were just wayyyy too many black & gold!!!

Steelers fans EVERYWHERE! Cool inflatable!

One thing is for sure. People at concerts (besides our group) do NOT know how to tailgate. People at football games know how to do it right! This picture was taken roughly 4 hours before the game started!

REAL Tailgating!

Not everybody there were steeler fans! These people obviously wanted to see the steelers stripped of any pride they had!

Not all Steelers fans!

Here we found some professional tailgaters! Their bar-b-que is permanently mounted in the rear of their truck, and rolls out on a nice little wooden frame with rollers! How’s that for easy setup!

Professional Tailgaters!

From the air above, the damn seagulls could not tell the difference between the blue & gold and the black & gold! They were taking out us Charger fans! I had gotten up to check the hot-dogs on the grille and within 30 seconds, we were under attack… Lou got hit, and my chair got ruined!!! Had I been sitting there, I would have had a pretty shitty night (pun intended)!

Bird attack! I JUST got up!

Here’s after the final score of the night! Using the fireworks (and a couple “du-na-na-NA-na-NA” charge calls) we were able to figure out that it was about a 5-6 second delay from the stadium until we heard it on TV!