2007-01-06 – Lawrence Welk

Today I went out with a small group from www.JeepForum.com to some trails by the Lawrence Welk resort in Fallbrook (Is that where it is?). I gave Bob (from MJR) a call since he lives 5 minutes away. He was able to make it, which was nice… I know he loves every chance to go wheeling! The trails were actually a lot more technical than I expected. There were a few spots that some of us chickened out of, but we all had a good time. We had 6 people total. Matt (Rubi, our leader for the day), Eric (YJ), Pat (YJ), Bob (TJ), Mark (ZJ) and myself (TJ). Not much to this trip other than some cool pictures. Again, I don’t have too many of me, so if you have any, please send them to me, or post them so I can steal them!

Airing Down Mark’s ZJ BobO

Group Steeper than it looks Eric coming up.

Paint you a picture… YJ Flex BobO

Daredevil Bob Matt showing us all how it’s done!

Here’s a few people posing up on “Poser Rock”

Matt on Poser Rock Bob on Poser Rock Grafitti free shot…

Mark’s ZJ

To make this run, we had to get to Cardiff to get our sample wedding cake in the morning. We wouldn’t have time to drop it off at home, so we loaded up the cooler w/ a 20lb. bag of ice, and headed out. The cake was with us the whole wheeling trip, but it survived! DELICIOUS! Those of you who like Banana cake will love the top two tiers of the cake!

Sample Wedding Cake

Pictures from Eric:

Climbing Rocks Posing!