2007-03-31 – MJR’s 4th Annual IDTT

For MJR’s 4th annual “I’ll Drink To That” run, we signed up for the “Mild” run. Last year there were no run requirements for this trip and there were a lot of trail repairs done because of under-built rigs on difficult trails. 31″ tires were the requirement, and my 30’s that measure in at 29’s don’t cut it. The mild run was lead by Russ Chung, a veteran of offroading, and a good friend of MJR.

The plan was to start on Phillips loop. Next we were going to cut over and go through Kramer Arch. Third would be a short trip to Bismark mine for a lunch stop. Finally we’d decide to either go back nearly the way we came (maybe divert to “Tin Can Alley”) or descend Doran. I don’t know if we missed the decision (we were spelunking in some mines) or if Russ just decided for himself we were going to take Doran, but that’s where we headed! That trail was more difficult than I’d expect a “stocker” run to be on, but we all made it safely back to camp without any trail repairs necessary thanks to good driving and good spotting from Russ and also Doug (FishPOET). Thanks guys!

The MJR Group at Peggy Sue’s

Peggy Sue's The Lineup Bob & Joy


Camp Black & Tan Our Leader!

The start of the day – Phillips Loop

On the trail! The Hunt The Other Stocker!

CRASH! coming up after me! This Stocker Rocks! CRASH!

Tom Dr. Dirty FishPOET

What a stud! Swbooking Wayne!

Driving Through Kramer Arch

Kramer Arch

Lunch stop at Bismarck Mine

Bismarck Mine Bismarck Mine Tiffany Spelunking

Me Spelunking! Hell of a drop! It's a Mine!

Told you... Told you!

After lunch, we started down Doran Trail… it was tough for a stocker! We sustained some damage documented at the bottom during this section of the run!!!

Russ idea... Poser? Yeah...

That too! OOPS! 70's Hi-Lift

Going Down? In the Canyon! One up, Three down?

Yeah.... Doug mov03271.jpg

mov03327.jpg mov03337.jpg mov03348.jpg

mov03351.jpg Another rough section! Looks too far...

Sweet rig! Pucker Factor Flexed out!

Down another! In the Canyon!

mov03367.jpg mov03369.jpg


Gas Skid Scrapes Floatie Exhaust

Thank Goodness! Rocker Angle 2 Seeping Diff

Torn Sidewall The Big One!

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