2007-11-23 – Rattlesnake Canyon

Tiffany was forced (ok, not really) to work the day after Thanksgiving, and I wasn’t going to let it ruin my fun! I also didn’t want to do any “Black Friday” shopping and avoid the crowds. A MJR ‘easy’ run was planned to Rattlesnake Canyon. I didn’t want to do anything too tough since my tires were bald. I had a little trouble as it was with a simple tree branch that my front passenger (the most bald) tire wouldn’t grab.

Unfortunately because of the way things worked out, I forgot my GPS and camera, but my Uncle Bob brought his camera and took a couple pictures. Most of the pictures I have are of Max playing around while waiting for Roger’s minor engine troubles!

Staging First Break

Here’s a couple shots of Max playing around (not making it due to a tree branch atop the rock pile forcing a ‘bad’ line.
Approach The Climb Max High Centered

A couple other shots (including stolen ones from Mitch’s camera and Chuck’s Camera… thanks guys!)
Chuck The Group 101_3697.jpg 101_3723.jpg 101_3742.jpg img_0546.jpg img_0547.jpg