2007-12-01 – Gold Mountain (in the SNOW)

I woke up nice and early to navigate the snow and ice covered roads for a run while Tiffany was going with her mom to pick up Stephanie’s wedding dress! After getting around the few accidents, ‘parking lots’ where people were putting on chains, and slick turns I found my way to the gas station then the Fawnskin Fire Station.

My Jeep at Arco Lonely in Fawnskin

After the others arrived, we aired down and disconnected our sway bars.

Airing Down

Before the storm, the plan was to run Gold Mountain and John Bull, but due to the conditions we decided to stick with only running Gold Mountain. I didn’t want to chance John Bull with ice all over the rocks! Paul lead, next was Nick, and I ran tail gunner. Here’s Nick flexing a little bit over one of the first obstacles.

Nick Flexing

I was the first to need a little guidance getting over an obstacle. After the obstacle I aired down a little more, and found out I mis-used the gage and my rear driver’s side tire was still nearly street pressure (25psi). I might not have gotten hung up with all of my tires aired down properly.

Starting the climb Flexing with a new line! Making it up

We continued on to the ‘optional’ rock garden. It didn’t seem too bad. Paul said it looked much flatter today than it had in the past, so Nick and I decided we’d be up for it instead of the bypass. Paul was game for anything! Here’s a few shots of each of us:

Paul starting out the rock garden! Paul Paul Paul

Nick starting the garden! No Windows??? Nick almost through!

Me in the rock garden! Getting to the tough spot! Almost through!

Then we continued on the trail until we found this:
BIG TREE! Paul wanted to move it!

It wasn’t feasible (safety or legally) to try and move the tree or go around the tree so we turned around and headed back. Then back on the first obstacle I mentioned earlier I popped my front spring loose from flexing too much! (I think Paul has video)

Spring not right!

To fix it, I posed up on another rock, only to lose the bead after getting the spring fixed! The York made quick work of that. A little later, we noticed my rear driver’s side tire was also leaking slightly from the bead. Brand new tires and a couple tire problems! Note to self: new tires have very stiff sidewalls!

It was so beautiful up there today because of the storm that I had to stop and take a couple extra pictures on my way down.

Beautiful View! Beautiful View!