2007-12-31 – Calico New Years

For New years this year we went with our good friends Chris & Tam (and family) to Calico where we camped with them in their RV. Tiffany’s sister Tamara came with us and (we think) really enjoyed herself! On New Years Eve we ran up Doran and down Odessa after stopping by Wall Street and a little exploring in Bismarck mine. Unfortunately as time goes on, it seems to become harder and harder to take as many pictures since we’ve been here before. Not to mention last time we ran Doran we were stock so it took 4 hours JUST for Doran downhill. Now that our Jeep is a little more ‘built’ we ran Doran and Odessa with time to explore in about 4 hours!

Chris started a fire and wanted to go outside to be with everybody:
I stayed inside by myself…

From Sunday to Monday night we watched Back To The Future – Part I. Then we popped some popcorn and got ready to watch movies… We then watched Back To The Future – Part II, and even Back To The Future – Part III. All 3 in one sitting! It was great for those of us that made it through all 3 without falling asleep!

The next morning, we waited (and waited, and waited) for Rick & Sarah to show up for the wheeling. To kill time Chris showed Juli (their Foreign Exchange Student) how to drive and how to drive stick. Tiffany and I had talked about making another highlight of the trip to let Tamara drive for her first time. Keep in mind the Jeep is a manual! She didn’t drive much, but she picked it up quickly and easily! She’s already better at driving stick than Tricia ;). Here’s a picture and a video from that:
dsc05513.jpg mov05515-watermarked.jpg

Rick & Sarah arrived so we departed to Doran. We (for obvious reasons ) skipped gatekeeper and started up the trail. Unfortunately because we made such good time and the group was small, we didn’t get out and take pictures very much. We have a couple pictures of the others’ jeeps, and even fewer of ours.

dsc05525.jpg dsc05530.jpg dsc05532.jpg

About half way throughthe run we did a little mine exploring at Bismarck mine since Tamara had never been to Calico. These are some of the bigger (yet safer) mines at Calico so we weren’t afraid to explorer here.

dsc05539.jpg dsc05543.jpg

After that we continued to go see Wall Street Canyon and take a couple pictures. We poked into a few mines at the top there as well.

dsc05546.jpg dsc05550.jpg dsc05552.jpg

Then we were going to head back to camp. We had heard some people saying Odessa was impassible so we were going to take easy roads the long way back to camp, but as we got closer to Odessa we found others saying it was ok. While it was much bumpier for Tiffany (the day was getting long for her because of the pregnancy) it was actually a much shorter and quicker path to camp. Here’s the couple pictures and a video from Odessa and back at camp.

dsc05561.jpg dsc05570.jpg dsc05581.jpg

Chris driving Tam’s Jeep down:
Rick driving Sarah’s Jeep down:

Back at camp there was a minor problem with the RV’s “pooper” which Chris had to remedy using a nice metal stick. The smell was so bad he had to use a leopard tie to keep a rag over his face.
dsc05574.jpg dsc05578.jpg