2008-02-16 – Calico Cleanup 2008

We were back out to Calico for the weekend, and unfortunately we weren’t able to make it on any trail runs before or after the cleanup event, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We arrived at the Discovery Center in Barstow at about 7:20 AM to sign up. Then was the driver’s meeting The MJR group was assigned duty to the Tin Can Alley outskirts way out past Mule Canyon.

dsc05664.jpg dsc05666.jpg

After registration, we staged at Mule Canyon where I aired down the tires to help soften the ride on the ‘fire roads’ so it wouldn’t be too bumpy for Tiffany. At New Years we found out that she didn’t do too well with some of the big bumps while being pregnant.

dsc05675.jpg dsc05676.jpg

I know excuses are like butts, but I have to set up mine… On our way to the cleanup we stopped at the gas station with Chris/Tam, Rick/Sarah, and Crash/Chris. I looked at the gauge and like a ‘tard, I thought half a tank was fine because with a full tank the Jeep leaks…


… I was wrong! Thanks Chuck! Now I owe him, and I need to get a bumper and gas cans so I don’t have to rely on somebody else when I do this again. (It will happen again).

dsc05681.jpg dsc05689.jpg

We came across a CRV who thought they could ‘offroad’ (on the fire roads) and couldn’t even do that. They tore a sidewall. It wasn’t a small tear either, it was a HUGE gash. We helped them change their tire to get back to the pavement.

dsc05696.jpg dsc05697.jpg

This was the end of our trip, other than emptying the trash we found. The calico cleanup bag worked it’s way through Chuck’s rack and was stuck. I also took pictures of a couple of the dumpsters. People say there wasn’t as much trash as last year, but as you can see it was still worthwhile to go cleanup after all the slobs that go dump stuff out in the desert.

dsc05701.jpg dsc05703.jpg dsc05704.jpg dsc05707.jpg