TLC for Shirley

I was able to give the Jeep some much needed TLC this weekend! After last weekend’s gas problem:


I knew I had to drop the tank and figure out our leaking problem so I wouldn’t be afraid to actually fill up FULL anymore. I dropped the tank with the help of Father-In-Law Brian and we flipped the tank upside-down to see the leak around the sending unit.



This is exactly what I had hoped since earlier in the week I had gone to the dealer and picked up the gasket for the fuel pump sending unit. When I pulled the sending unit ring off we could immediately see why it was leaking. It looks like I messed up the gasket when putting it back on for the GenRight gas skid install. I replaced the gasket so it wouldn’t leak anymore. After replacement, we tipped the tank upside-down again to see if it was leaking, and it looked good. Here’s a picture for a part number:


Before putting the tank up we pulled the rear passenger tire to do some custom exhaust work. The custom exhaust work was done by Hammer Exhaust. If you’ve never heard of them, just look in your toolbox.



I also replaced the hiem joint on the front track bar. It has been somewhat worn out since I bought the lift. I bought the part directly from Rubicon Express about 4 months ago and just haven’t taken the time to replace it.

While I was up front I also put on the front spring retainer on the driver’s side. I hadn’t put it back on after cycling the suspension to test the bump-stops because of the way the spring ended up, it wouldn’t really fit in. After the incident on the Gold Mountain run with the spring coming lose the spring was rotated in such a way I could easily slip the retainer on. Hopefully I don’t have to worry about the spring coming lose anymore!

Last but not least I painted the fender flares using “SEM Satin Black Plastic and Vinyl Color Coat”. Last time I used Krylon Fusion Satin Black which lasted a while, but this time Brian was buying the paint to shoot his flares too. I can’t find a good before picture (and I of course forgot to take one) but the black was rapidly disappearing revealing the gray under color. Here’s a picture of the flares all painted and sexy looking: