2008-03-29 – MJR’s 5th Annual IDTT

A few things have changed since the 4th IDTT. For one, Shirley grew taller. Also, my confidence and ability as a driver had grown also. In addition to those two, the experience we had following Russ on a “mild” run we felt obligated to sign up for the “big boy” run. This one took us up Doran (minus gatekeeper) and later down Odessa.


After the Peggy Sues Breakfast (Obligatory picture shown above) we started the run.

To start the day, we took the bypass around Gatekeeper and parked to watch the show. Kurt was first up and didn’t make it through quite as easily as the first time he conquered Gatekeeper. He still made it through unharmed, it just took a little more finesse.

dsc05983 dsc05985 dsc05986 dsc05988

A couple of LWB toys came to give gatekeeper a try. The first made it through easily, however the second became stuck, so we decided to just go ahead with our run instead of watching the recovery. Approximate time: 10am. Keep this in mind for later.


We began the run up Doran and made good headway. We were with a group of well build rigs. The thing I alway enjoy is the fact that my underbuilt (in comparison) Jeep takes almost all the same trails and lines as the “big guys” even though I don’t have lockers.


We were moving along fine until we hit a waterfall which had changed greatly since New Years. There were some (locked) who walked right up, and there were others (locked) who struggled. I struggled! I ended up needing a tug because I didn’t want to bust my D35, and I had already made a few attempts. I am dieing to go back and make another attempt since I’ve heard it’s become much “worse”. We all got out and snapped pictures as people made their tries up this ledge.

dsc05996 dsc06005 dsc06009

The rest of the trail was passed easily by our group and we made decent time. We ate lunch at Bismark Mine area and then headed to the always beautiful wall street canyon.

dsc06014 dsc06020 dsc06022 dsc06023

We decided to skip Odessa due to a washed out area we encountered at New Years and heard had also become worse. This area would be pretty dangerous. We took Philips Loop to Mule Canyon for the return trip, which was an easy and fast return trip. I was happy about this because Tiffany was just sitting at camp waiting for everybody to return. Once the group was back, Tiffany and I decided to go to Gatekeeper to see if anybody else was making any attempts only to find the guy who became stuck that morning was only now being pulled out completely. Apparently he broke something big, and then somebody tried going “around” him (in gatekeeper) who also broke, then they spent the greater part of 5 hours trying to recover the two disabled vehicles. Glad we weren’t around for that mess!


Back at camp, I had to share a couple more photos. One, of Jill and the strange way she lays on Sarah’s lap. The other of Chris; I’d like everybody to see how much he enjoys cookies… 😀

dsc06042 dsc06043

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