2008-08-02 – AAT – Holcomb Creek Trail (3N93)

For this trip, Tiffany wanted to stay home and get things done around the house so I invited a friend of offroading (a.k.a. froadin’) Scott. He has a Toyota Truck that he does uses for some mild offroading and as his daily driver. He was very interested and wanted to lend a hand with the AAT work as well.

He brought his camera and took a lot of pictures, and there are some good ones!

As we started out, Scott was mentioning how he liked the beautiful scenery, that the terrain looked fun, and how he wanted to come back with his truck. This was before any of the difficult sections, like the first small climb, or any of the rock gardens. After seeing those sections Scott said he’s now looking at buying a Jeep.

We started off at the locked gate to disconnect our sway bars and air down our tires, then made our way past the water crossing. We checked out motorcycle tracks and some other measures we attempted to stop unauthorized access. We saw some bear prints which had to be fairly fresh. It was the first time I’ve actually seen bear prints in person!

Shortly after that, we started loading Scott’s trailer with huge rocks to take and fill in some washed out sections of trail.

The weight in the trailer was too much for one Jeep to pull up some of the climbs, so I started pulling Scott’s Jeep.

The weight in the trailer was too much for two Jeeps to pull up some of the climbs, so Max started pulling my Jeep, pulling Scott’s Jeep!

After a while of this, Max’s Jeep began spewing coolant. Luckily he noticed and we stopped to see why. Apparently the overflow tank’s aren’t held down by anything but gravity. On one of his many trail runs his tank shook loose and today it got too close to the serpentine belt which wore through it. After some duct tape and a little trail magic, we were once again on our way.

We made our way to a portion of the trail which had washed thin so we started dumping rocks, the first load of many.

We made our way to the east rock garden and had some play time. Russ had a little trouble as did Kurt. Two people you expect to drive through *anything*!!! Russ got a tiny bit of a bad line, but once he was free from his center skid, he made the rest of the garden look easy. Erik and his sick YJ took the hard line and made it look easy. Kurt also took his favorite line, which he’s conquered many times in the past, yet today he got stuck! Now I actually have some pictures of Kurt with the winch in use on himself!

After yet another rock fill/dump we stopped for lunch in a nice shady spot on the trail.

At one of the rutted sections of the trail there was quite a bit of erosion on the side of the trail with a steep drop-off. This was another prime place for rock dumping to help give structure to the trail. I think this spot might be one of the other areas which received some gabion baskets on another trail maintenance run.

Max and a couple others played in the west rock garden. Since it was gated instead of getting back out, it was necessary to turn around in the rock garden. I didn’t want to press my luck so I decided to skip the west rock garden on this run. Maybe next time. Scott took a hit to the door, and Max hit his transmission hard. He wasn’t sure if this hit caused the cracks shown or if they were from the Dusey a couple of weeks before this run.

On the way back, we had fun in a big v-notch. A couple of the “big guys” with lockers and fun toys made it through, and I thought I’d give it a try with my open diffs. I had a bit of a bad line the first attempt and got some good air with the driver front tire. A slightly different line toward the passenger side and I made it through easily. Since I did it, Scott had to show off and run through with the trailer and all!

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