I’ve been working on a ton of things with the Jeep during my jeeping season.

First was getting the OBA working again. I purchased a new York 210R and replaced the old one. I am working on a way to determine the oil fill level with a fill plug on the side so I don’t run this one dry. I will post pictures of the dead York as well as the final work of the fill plug.

Then I ordered some new steerig after bending my tie rod AGAIN. I couldn’t trust the stock noodle anymore. I picked up the currie steering and love it. It is much stronger than stock, but still bends. I have already smacked it and will try to straighten it soon. I am not too worried though because the bend is very slight.

Next, I gave up on my trade request for the tummy tuck transmission mount. Some time last year I bought a used Nth Degree tummy tuck from somebody with an automatic transmission. I have a manual and need a different mount. I could probably have something fabbed up, but I was hoping somebody had the opposite of what I had and would trade mount for mount. I had posts on a couple forums for about a year with no success. I decided to give All J a call in Big Bear because I know they do a lot of Nth stuff. They were able to order the mount separately since I can’t find it alone in the Nth website. I now have all the pieces I should need, I just need to check that I don’t need exhaust modifications and do the work!

Finally, I was given an opportunity to puck up a geared, locked front axle so I jumped on it. It is a low pinion (unfortunately) Dana 30 with 4.56 gears and an ARB locker. I need to scrap together some more money to fix up my Dana 44 housing in my garage so I can swap axles and not worry so much about breaking an axle onthe trail anymore, not to mention being locked!