2009-02-21 – MJR Meet ‘n’ Greet – Bullfrog Trail Johnson Valley

MJR had yet another meet & greet, this time instead of it being at Bass Pro Shops, it was held at Maxwell’s Burgers Fresh Salads & Subs. Quite a few people showed up, which then broke into two groups. Half the group went on some local valley trails and ended up helping a stuck land-rover.

I went with the group that headed out to Johnson Valley to run Bullfrog trail.

First up was Chicken Rock, which is a quick little warm up to test green wheelers’ nerves. Not difficult once you’re on the rock, but getting from the dirt to the rock proved slightly difficult for a couple in our group. From there, you head around the corner and start the actual bullfrog trail.

dsc02388 p2214795 dsc02393 dsc02394

On the trial there were quite a few obstacles that look pretty cool in pictures but aren’t terribly difficult with any kind of ground clearance, especially if you can flex like a beast. This is actually the exact opposite of most trails which look easy in pictures and are much harder and intimidating in person. Here’s a bunch of shots from the rest of the day.


dsc02399 dsc02403 img_6702

Drop Off – Droop Off

dsc02408 dsc02413 bullfrogjeeprun128 bullfrogjeeprun129

img_6729-128 img_6730 img_6731

dsc02420 dsc02424 copyofbullfrogjeeprun044 img_6795

Jeep Eater

dsc02441 img_6760 img_6761 img_6762

dsc02432 dsc02437

The Wall

bullfrogjeeprun177 bullfrogjeeprun178 bullfrogjeeprun179 bullfrogjeeprun180

img_6777 img_6778

dsc02464 dsc02485 dsc02488

p2214897 p2215017

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