Tiffany and I are mild Jeepers compared to most of the people we wheel with. We have both always really enjoyed being “away from it all”, camping and having the freedom to literally go anywhere. A Jeep truly grants us this freedom!

Tiffany was born and raised a Jeeper. Her step dad had an old CJ and a beefy full floating rear axle! Here’s a couple pictures:

kscan_0012.jpg kscan_0013.jpg kscan_0006.jpg

Brian actually now owns a 2005 LJ which he picked up in Utah! Here’s a couple pics of it (and his Commando):

dsc05586.jpg dsc05741.jpg dsc05739.jpg

Mat was destined for offroading when he got his Chevy Lumina stuck in mud, and had to be pulled out by a 4×4 Tacoma! When he bought his Chevy Silverado, he did some mild (2wd) offroading. A Jeep was the next, and final step to becoming a true offroader!

Shirley was purchased from an Orange County yuppie who babied her. A 10 year old Jeep that had never truly been offroad we found ourselves a gem! Had I done a little more research, I would have known not to get a Jeep with a Dana 35 rear axle, but I might have still picked up this one because of the rest of it’s condition.

If you have any questions about us, or the Jeep feel free to e-mail me from our CONTACT page!

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