Round 2

I’ve only had the Jeep a little over a year, but I’ve already put on 2 exhaust headers! Here’s some pictures from replacement #2! It is much quieter now and feels like I’ve got 2 more horsepower too!

Borked Header Cracked Header Apart

Mosaics Are Cool

Look what boredom can do… After seeing I wanted to make a mosaic of my jeep! Here it is:

Photo Mosaic of my Jeep

Lift Done!

Now I’m officially “done” with the lift thank to the help of Chris. Things done:

  • Rear track bar was originally upside-down
  • Rear track bar bracket had a loose bolt
  • SYE rear yoke nut was loose
  • Cycled suspension to check bump-stops
  • Got rear bump-stops into cups!
  • Sleeved front upper track bar mount (it was hour-glassed due to wrong size bit)
  • Rear brake line extension installed

Here’s a couple pics:

Post-Lift Poser Shot 3 Post-Lift Poser Shot 2 Post-Lift Poser Shot 1

Damn you AX-15

Well, my Jeep needs it’s first major mechanical repair… The story:

When driving to pick up my new (to me) tires before doing the lift, my transmission started acting funny. When shifting into fifth, it felt like it stuck. Long story short, I get a call today with the damage report: the main shaft bearings went bad so it was causing things to not line up 100% when shifting. 5th is toast and the synchros have been working pretty hard because of things not lining up properly.

Repairs needed:

New main bearings, new synchros all around, and a new 5th gear…

My wallet hurts. No wheeling or new tires for a while.

Lift Installed!

Lift is done! Special thanks to “BS FAB” for all the help! Thanks go out to Allen, Jimmy, Johnson, and Rudy! Here’s a couple pics:

Up on Stands Workin' Hard
Johnson doing some Trackbar mount drilling. 1:30 AM - Lift Done

Lift Purchased!!

I have secured a lift! It’s a Rubicon Express 4.5″ Super Flex lift!!! Now I just need bigger tires so I can install the lift w/o looking like a roller skate!!!

The reason I need tires & not just a lift:

Skate Animation


I FINALLY got around to updating the site! I have pictures and a report from our Calico trip with MJR and a few updates on the Projects page.

The updates on the project page include:

Here’s a couple pics that link to the calico run:

What a stud! Kramer Arch Down another!


I have rockers! We were able to get in on a “group buy” of Rock-it Man rockers for Shirley! Tiffany and I went to Chris’s to install them yesterday:

Chris Working

and here’s the result:

The Results!

Thanks again Chris & Tam! Now all that’s left is to go bash the hell out of them on rocks!

Honeymoon Cheating!

We Cheated on Shirley on our Honeymoon!!!!
We rented Jeeps in a few spots! Sorry Shirley!!!

We also saw this gem:

First Wheeling of the New Year!

We went with a small group from to Lawrence Welk today. Pics and whatnot in the Gallery, or click one of these:

Bob on Poser Rock Group