Construction Site

Eric’s firm has a job in San Marcos with land that goes from 500 ft. elevation to 1600 ft. elevation! We made it up to the top. In a few years, there will be 1300 homes in these hills! We could see all the way from downtown UTC area to Catalina island! It was a pretty cool area, and atop the hill it’s perfect for flying slopers!

Here’s a map to where we went. And here’s a couple pictures:

Atop San Marcos View from up Top!

Two more:

Hot Air Baloons One of the FEW!

Big Bear Pics

Pictures and story are up from our Big Bear trip a couple weeks ago!

Bank Fireman's Stache

Immature Side

My immature side struck again with a purchase I’ve been planning since I decided to have on-board-air. I bought a twin air horn with 12v solenoid. I have it hooked up, and ready to go!

Air Horn!!! Air Horns are LOUD!

Ocotillo Wells Halloween!

Pictures are up from our trip last weekend to Ocotillo Wells for Halloween. We had tons of fun! Thanks again Pejis!


Proof Pull 1 Out!!!

Oil Leak!

I sprung a leak!!! I was able to fix it (so far so good at least…) by buying a new drain plug and changing my oil! Hope that keeps it fixed!


Oil Leak (Before)


Oil Leak (After)

Operation Desert Fun

Pictures are up from Operation Desert Fun. Head to the Gallery, or click one of the standard preview shots:

Rolled FJ Group that continued!

OffRoad Expo!

I attended the offroad expo on Saturday in Pomona at the Fairplex. I didn’t take too many pictures, as it was just a TON of Jeeps, and most were insane, and would make me too jealous! I did buy THIS book, and grabbed a K&N recharge kit to clean my filter (it needs it very badly, before AND after this weekend’s upcoming trip!). Here are a couple shots from the show:

The new JK! JK from the rear!

Adventure Trailers! Jeep!

Go Chargers!

Although not Jeep or offroad related, we went to a chargers game yesterday and tailgated! I have pics and everything up on my gallery page!

Click HERE to see!! Here are a couple preview shots!

Camp Qualcomm!

Uncle Joins Cult

Well, my Uncle joined our elite group of Jeep owners! Haha! He’s had lots of friends that have Jeeps (from stock to extreme) and been on a few Jeepin’ trips, but didn’t buy his own… until now! Congrats Uncle Bob (& Aunt Charlene) on your new Wrangler X!

Uncle Bob's Jeep Uncle Bob's Jeep

Important facts: I6, Auto, D44 front and rear, and a hard top!

Projects Page

I decided to change the ‘write-ups’ page to ‘projects’ and just have some pictures and a small explanation. I have OBA up, and Budget Boost. If you have any questions, please e-mail me and I’ll take more pictures or answer any questions!