TLC for Shirley

I was able to give the Jeep some much needed TLC this weekend! After last weekend’s gas problem: Read the rest of this entry »

Calico Cleanup 2008 Posted

We attended the 2nd annual Calico Cleanup last weekend. I’ve created another ‘gallery’ page for the event which has a few pictures and a quick report. Check it out HERE!

dsc05707.jpg dsc05689.jpg

New Years 2008

For New Years this year we went to Calico with some friends and some wheeling! Check it out HERE.

dsc05561.jpg dsc05570.jpg

2 Wheeling Trips in 2 weekends!!!

If I keep this up, I’ll have to change my name to ComputerPOET or something. (Don’t ask). Thanksgiving weekend Uncle Bob and I did an easy run through Rattlesnake Canyon and then yesterday I went and ran Gold Mountain in the snow!

Staging 101_3742.jpg

Gold Mountain:
Flexing with a new line! Getting to the tough spot!

AAT In Trouble!

The MyJeepRocks adopt-a-trail (2N84) might be taken out by the “Butler Peak #2” fire. This is sad news as the trail (along with many others) will probably be closed for 2 years after the fire for recovery. Please send prayers and thoughts to all the firefighters risking their lives to help save our beautiful land!

AAT Pic Parking Lot

EDIT: Also read THIS THREAD for some good information and pictures.