Lift Purchased!!

I have secured a lift! It’s a Rubicon Express 4.5″ Super Flex lift!!! Now I just need bigger tires so I can install the lift w/o looking like a roller skate!!!

The reason I need tires & not just a lift:

Skate Animation


I FINALLY got around to updating the site! I have pictures and a report from our Calico trip with MJR and a few updates on the Projects page.

The updates on the project page include:

Here’s a couple pics that link to the calico run:

What a stud! Kramer Arch Down another!


I have rockers! We were able to get in on a “group buy” of Rock-it Man rockers for Shirley! Tiffany and I went to Chris’s to install them yesterday:

Chris Working

and here’s the result:

The Results!

Thanks again Chris & Tam! Now all that’s left is to go bash the hell out of them on rocks!

Honeymoon Cheating!

We Cheated on Shirley on our Honeymoon!!!!
We rented Jeeps in a few spots! Sorry Shirley!!!

We also saw this gem:

First Wheeling of the New Year!

We went with a small group from to Lawrence Welk today. Pics and whatnot in the Gallery, or click one of these:

Bob on Poser Rock Group