GenRight Cage

I recently purchased and installed a GenRight cage with the help of my friend Chris. Well, he did most of the work and I gave him a little money. 😉

I am very happy with the design and quality of the cage itself. I purchased it from a GenRight sales guy named Rick (new2image on MJR) who gave me a great price and good service. I got the cage a few short weeks after placing the order and had to find a free weekend for myself and my welder/installer to get it installed. Easter weekend was as good as any, so that was the date.

First impressions


  • There were a lot of pieces, which seemed like they’d be obvious to figure out when laid out.
  • Shipping was nice in 3 relatively small boxes, considering the product.
  • Exploded view diagram
  • Parts list
  • “Template” for cutting the dash


  • Absolutely NO directions!!!
  • The exploded view diagram was missing a couple things, like seat belt brackets
  • Useless frame-tie-in kit

Step-By-Step (With Pictures)


GenRight has designed a really good cage with a lot of great qualities. It’s well triangulated, non-intrusive, works with stock equipment, and really sexy but it REALLLY needed directions to make the install less of a guessing game. This would have saved us a few hours on a couple parts which I already discussed in detail. It took us the greater part of a weekend, and with better directions could probably be done in 1 (long) day if you have 4 hands working and a welder who knows what they’re doing.