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Remove stock sport bar/Prep work

Required Tools

  • 1/2″ drive ratchet
  • 3/8″ drive ratchet
  • T35 bit
  • T45 bit
  • T50 bit
  • 9/16″ socket
  • T45 security bit
  • Vice-grips

1. Take a few measurements

A. Measure Height

Measure the height of the bottom hole from the tub (remember this for later).


B. Measure Distance

Measure the distance of the bottom hole from the dash to be sure the location is correct.


C. Measure Rotation

Take note of the amount of “rotation” the bracket has around the stock pillar. This will be important for proper fitment of the soft top after completing the cage.


2. Remove Rear Seats


Start with the easy stuff by removing your soft top and rear seat. I removed them before getting to Chris’s house.


3. Remove Front Seats

You’ll need to remove your front seats so you can easily get to the seat belt bolts and some of the bolts holding in the stock sport bar. On a 97 you will need a 9/16″ socket (or ratcheting wrench) for 3 of the bolts and a T50/T40? for the last bolt.

4. Remove Seat Belts

Remove all 4 stock seat belts using a T50. You’ll want to store these outside of the Jeep, unlike me, to avoid welding shrapnel from putting tiny burns in them.

5. Fold Windshield Down

Folded Windshield

Fold down the windshield and remove the stock windshield connecting bars.

  • Remove door surrounds if you still have them on.
  • Take off bracket bolts using a T35.
  • Remove lower-exterior bolts on windshield hinge using a T35.
  • Fold down the windshield while removing the connecting bars.


6. Remove Sport Bar

Tell the kids to leave the area (you’ll start swearing now) and start removing the stock sport bar using security T45 (or Vice grips). NOTE: This will EAT T45 bits like they’re made of butter. The stock bolts are VERY tight. This could be due to the age of my Jeep, but be warned!

7. Admire your empty tub

Stock Cage Gone

This is what your Jeep should resemble when you’re done with this step.


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