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Step 2 – A pillar/B pillar/C pillar

1. Install A-Pillar

Template Line Drawn Pass dash Pass floor

Cut dash holes using the provided template. The template is slightly confusing and ‘sloppy’ so I’ve included a picture to help you see how it works. My template made generous sized (read: too big) holes, so you may want to take a close look at my pictures and make your holes slightly smaller to have a tighter fit. You may be able to get away with using a hole saw and/or a much smaller hole. It may make getting the A pillar through the dash a little harder, but you’ll be happy with a smaller hole when you’re said and done. You can also work your way up to a bigger hole if your initial hole is too small. Once you’ve cut these holes you can drop in lower portion.


2. Install B-Pillar

Bolt the B-pillars to the floor in stock locations. They should be tack welded to the mounting plate, but check to be sure tack welds are setup properly. For some odd reason mine were tacked backwards!

3. Connect A&B-Pillars

Mount up the top half of the A pillar that bends over the driver’s door area and meets the B and C pillars.

4. Install C-Pillar

Tack weld the C pillar in position. It will meet the A-pillar and be held up by the B pillar in the middle. You may need to grind the C pillars so they meet the mounting plate a little more flush like we had to.


5. Side sections complete

Sides Done!

You should now be done with the sides of your cage, and it should resemble this shot.


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