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Step 3 – Hoops/Diagonals/Crossbars


1. B&C Sides

Tack weld the rear B-C horizontal bar and diagonal. To determine the height on these pull the diagonal up to meet the top corner of the B pillar and the top of the rear connecting bar. Then using the diagonal you can get the proper height of the horizontal bar.


2. B Top Hoop

Placing the top hoop for the B pillar is fairly easy. Line it up with the actual B pillar as if it was one piece of tube.

3. Find the Center

Measure the center of the B hoop and mark it with a sharpie.

4. Rear Hoop

Place the rear hoop by using the rear diagonals for distance. We took the diagonals and used the center mark to determine the position of the C hoop. We got them lined up and tried to make the pre-cut notches have the smallest gaps possible to determine location. NOTE: You may want to use a ratchet strap to help hold things in place before tack welds can be made.


5. A Hoop

Similar to the C hoop, use the front diagonals from your center measurement for placement of the A hoop. NOTE(a): The way the kit was designed, this should in no way block your surrounds, or your ability to move your visors. We didn’t double check this and everything turned out fine, but you might want to make sure of these two things before you weld this tube in place. NOTE(b): You’ll also want to use a ratchet strap on this step to make things easier.

6. Dash Bar

Place the dash bar making sure it is level. We simply measured the height from the dash to the bar for checking this.


7. Gussets/Handles

Place all of the gussets and handles. These are pretty self expanitory with the exploded view.

8. Floor Brackets

Tack the floor brackets for the A pillar in place.

9. SUN SCREEN/Welding

If you’re not wearing long sleeves apply sun screen because there’s a lot of welding that needs to be done. NOTE: Don’t look when somebody is welding, it can damage your eyes… especially don’t look when they yell “DON’T LOOK” right before welding.


10. Floor Brackets

With the floor brackets now welded, drill the holes to bolt them through the floor. We found it easier to measure carefully and drilling from the bottom up. It shouldn’t be too hard to use floor drain holes to get a frame of reference for drilling. Unfortunately we only got 3 bolts per side because of the rivnut/bolts on my Rock-It Man rockers.

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