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Step 4 – Seat Belt Bungs/Windshield Brackets

1. Front Upper Belt Bungs

Line up the front upper seat belt brackets and mark the center holes for the seat belt bungs. Then cut the holes using a plasma cutter (or I guess you could drill them) for the bungs. We “bolted” the brackets to the bungs to make sure they’d fit before calling it “done”. When you tack these in, make sure the bolt is in so you don’t get any welding shrapnel in the threads of the bung.


2. Front Lower Bungs

Repeat process with lower bracket and bung. This one is a little harder because of the way it mounts to the bracket. We took this one out so the bung could be welded to the bracket all the way around. Note the work bench used for welding.


3. Rear Upper Bungs

Repeat process with rear upper bungs.


4. Rear Lower Bracket

The rear lower uses only bracket so these ones are easy!

5. Windshield Brackets

Fold the windshield up and make sure you’ve pulled it as far forward as you can to make sure you weld the brackets on without it forcing the windshield forward of where it needs to be. The kit comes with shims, so you might want to use them to bolt the windshield up and then you can later remove the shims to bolt the windshield up tightly.

6. Weld everything up in this step

With the bolts in (no shrapnel in the threads) weld up the brackets, bungs, and everything else in this step for permanent mount. These are for your seat belts, so make sure you do these right!


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