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Step 5 – Stock Parts Fitment

1. Door Surrounds

This step is where we went wrong and this guide is going to help you! We had folded the windshield back down again which made the surrounds a little too far forward when we marked/drilled holes for them. PLEASE follow this order so you don’t have to drill extra holes in the top for your surrounds.


A. Fold Up Windshield

Make sure the bolts are secured and it is up completely otherwise your surrounds may go too far forward and screw up your holes.

B. Trim Surrounds

With the windshield up for proper alignment of surrounds, look at the front part of the surrounds and trim so they fit correctly with the handle and the windshield bracket on top. Not too much trimming should be needed but to get them on all the way, you should need some.

C. Mark Holes

Using a sharpie through the top hole mark the location to drill.

D. Drill Holes

Drill holes.


2. Soft Top Brackets

The brackets are probably tack welded on by GenRight before your cage was shipped. Mine were on, but slightly wrong. This is another step we didn’t do 100% correctly because of working fast, without directions, and making assumptions. Follow these directions so you don’t make the same mistakes!


A. Measure Height

Measure the height of the bottom hole from the tub (Remember earlier when I mentioned this?).

B. Measure Distance

Measure the distance of the bottom hole from the dash to be sure the location is correct.

C. Measure Rotation

This is the one we screwed up on. We measured height and distance for placement of the bracket which were correctly tacked on by GenRight before shipment, however we did NOT take note of the rotation of the bracket. This caused the soft top arms to not go on without lots of extra effort, rubbing, and paint scraping.


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