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Step 6 – Paint

1. Paint Prep

Tape everything off that you don’t want over-spray on. I didn’t want speckles of black all over my Jeep so we taped off quite a bit. You’ll probably fold your windshield down again and make sure everything is out of the way for this step.

2. Paint

Spray away! I used Rustoleum flat black. I’m not sure I like it as flat as it is, because with dirty hands or dust it seems to “stick” and show up very noticeably. Home Depot didn’t have a semi-gloss which is what I’d recommend. Semi gloss is probably preferable to glossy.


3. Watch Paint Dry

You’ve all heard the phrase “as fun as watching paint dry”… well, when you’ve got this great cage on your Jeep, you’ll want to admire it’s beauty and you’ll probably actually watch the paint dry. Rustoleum doesn’t take long to dry so it’s not as bad as you think.

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