Well, like anybody with OBA, a winch (not mounted yet) and a manual, I want control of my throttle with more than just my foot. Sometimes when offroad it would be nice to have the left foot for the clutch, right foot for the brake, but not idle. Working brake/clutch and keeping the RPMs could help from stalling, and give more control. Enter the hand throttle!

I bought some parts from Pacific Coast Cycle on PCH which cost almost as much as the Rubicon Express kit, but I didn’t pay shipping.

Brake Cable for tandem bike (longest in stock) – $8.99
Brake Cable housing (6 feet) – $1.50/foot
Brake Adjusting Barrel – $1.99
Shimano Bicycle Shifter – $9.99

Not too much to explain with this small project. Route the brake cable through your firewall somewhere. I used the same plug I had used to route an air line in for my OBA. I don’t have cruise control so I was able to use the second ‘guide’ to snap the line in next to the regular throttle cable. As you can see in the picture, I also pulled the bracket off and drilled (and threaded) a hole for the adjusting barrel for the cable. I don’t like how crosses the actual throttle cable, so some day I may pull that bracket again and re-drill and thread a different location on the bracket.


I attempted two different mounting positions of the throttle on the shifter. This one suits me a little better as I find it will actually be a little less awkward to use. I can reach it with my index finger with the way I normally hold the shifter.


Here’s a couple other pictures of the final result:
dsc05737.jpg dsc05736.jpg