My fold and tumble seat stopped working. With a little research I found this link: which described the procedure for replacing the cable. It stated a $25 part including the number. Although $25 was really expensive for what the part is, I was willing to pay it.

I took the part number and cable to my local Jeep dealer who wanted $70. I was definitely not willing to pay that. I thought I would end up going to a bike parts shop to replace the cable, however I was able to whip something up with everything in my garage in less time and free (since I already had the pieces I used).

My broken cable:

The end of the cable is very unique and I didn’t think I would find something similar at any bike shop since I couldn’t find anything online, so my leading idea was going to be soldering a piece of cable I had left over from my hand throttle to extend the cable and loop it through the hole. I wanted to use solder and/or a crimp connector because I think the cable has quite a bit of tension. Unfortunately solder didn’t hold. I don’t know anything about metallurgy to know why. I went to my parts bins and started digging and came up with something that works beautifully. A grounding lug:

I used a grounding lug to attach at the bottom of the seat, but the side of the cable that broke was in the seat hinge area. Because I can bolt the grounding lug tightly, I was able to space it so it won’t hit the track when being pulled and crank it down. The beautiful thing about this fix is that because of the set screw for holding a ground cable in a normal installation, I was able to have a somewhat infinite adjustment of the tension on the cable. This eliminates it being too lose for working properly, and from being too tight and snapping. If it starts to sag over time, I’ll have a simple adjustment to make it work again.

Here’s the final result:
IMG_0126 IMG_0128